What To Eat

What To Eat

If you are fond of tasting various kinds of food, Cherating Malaysia is one of the best places to have them. Whether you are a vegetarian or carnivorous, there are plenty of options for both of them. There are plenty of sea foods the taste of which is unique.

It will be a wonderful idea to cherish the wonderful taste of tom yam which is one kind of seafood soup. You can also taste steaks and poultry.You can taste some of the other delicious dishes made by various sea foods like squid, crab, prawn, fish and various other types of clams. Image result for resorts

Besides the local Malaysian dishes, Chinese and Italian foods are also available in the various reputed restaurants in this area. You can taste various kinds of Pizzas and pasta. For vegetarians, it will be a wonderful idea to try mixed vegetable or butter squid.

There are some other foods the taste of which will be remembered by you for long like Calamari, Teow, Char Keow, Satays and much more. There are various kinds of coconut drink available in various famous restaurants.

Various kinds of other hot drinks, cocktails are available in the reputed bars of this area. If you are doing a beach party, it will be a wonderful idea to have some bottles of chilled bear, whiskey, or other wines. You can take soft drinks, lemon juice, hot chocolate, and cappuccino also.

There are numerous reputed restaurants in Cherating Malaysia like Rembulan, Mutiara, Baby Corner Special Service, Tasty Food, Mobile review, a very pleasant Surprise and much more. Among the bars Orchid Bar, Monkey Bar and many others are very much popular. Most of the restaurants are available around the village area. Their service is also very good which makes your lunch or dinner far more special margaritaville pigeon forge tn .


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